Republication Content Policy

If you are interested in republishing any part of The Inspirational Corner’s article, you must make contact with the owner of The Inspirational Corner and secure the rights and express permission to do so. Only authorized publishers, vetted by The Inspirational Corner  will be allowed to republish posts in their entirety and these are the additional guidelines you must agree and adhere to:

  • You agree to not republish post unless you have received permission to do so (contact
  • You agree that you will not republish until at least a month after the post was originally published and/or you’ve received permission by The Inspirational Corner owner.
  • You agree to republish the post exactly as it appears on The Inspirational Corner, with the post title, chosen images and all links intact.
  • You agree that the republication will also include the full biography of the original author; again, including all links within that profile.
  • You agree to provide a link back to the URL of the original post with the following anchor text “Republished with permission, courtesy of The Inspirational Corner.”

Any written work submitted and posted to The Inspirational Corner is owned by us. The Inspirational Corner expressly reserves any additional republication rights, except insofar as specific arrangements are made with additional publishers.
Contributors retain all intellectual property rights and creative rights in any other designs, graphics or images they may publish in conjunction with their articles published on Social The Inspirational Corner, as long as they are secondary and not necessary for comprehension of the post itself.

If you have any questions about our republication policy, please make contact before any republishing is undertaken.