Welcome to The Inspirational Corner,
Our Mission: The Inspirational Corner is a lifestyle blog utilized to create articles that will inspire women to establish authentic lives. Our topics range from various perspectives concerning the modern-day woman.

Our Vision: Our vision is to create a community that will give women the  freedom to live their lives authentically without the desire for societal validation. 

The Founder: Ms. Stylicia A. Bowden is the founder of The Inspirational Corner. Her life speaks volumes from mental, emotional abuse, rape and the loss of her two-year old daughter in 2007. It is her desire to minister to women who desire to break out the box of ordinary and make an extraordinary mark in life. She utilizes her written and verbal skills to reach out to women who are conformed to societal validations by imparting inspiration through her books, speaking and mentoring.

If you are ready to be transformed  then take a journey into The Inspirational Corner

Live Bold. Live Loud. Live Authentically.