Self Care Plan: Fill Your Cup

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Today, I made a serious commitment to sit down and start my self-care plan. I did the needed research to find the pieces to solidify my self-care goals. When you begin to think about self-care you have to take inventory of all the things that create your own humanity. So, as I began to research  I realized I needed to categorized every aspect of my self-care. 

Your self-care plan can be divided into 6-8 categories such as mental, emotional, physical/wellness, beauty, social/relational (relationships of love & friendship), spiritual, financial and recreational.  Once you begin to create each category then it is time to focus on each specific area. 

Before, I decided to start my self-care journey I wrote a rough draft of each area and my focal points. Self-care is about you filling every empty corner in your mind, body and soul. As I embark on this journey I am excited to take a year or more to focus on what I need so I can no longer have lack in my life. Many times in society we are programmed to believe that taking care of yourself is a selfish act. However, taking care of yourself is the most important act of your life.

I use to feel guilty about doing stuff for myself until I realized other people had no problem with taking from me. I would give and give until I couldn’t give anymore. This became an issue because I was depleting myself. I consistently gave my all to other people which is never a good concept. When you fall into the deception of giving your all then you are allowing yourself to lack. Lack is connected to scarcity and poverty. Abundance is the opposite of this system.

In order to generate abundance you have to fill yourself up until you are overflowing in all areas of your life. Refueling your mind, body and soul is an important criteria in order to be able to help others. Giving back to others first starts with you filling your cup each day. When you can ask yourself what do I need?”  then you can help someone else because your need is met.

In a world full of humanity we subtract ourselves from the humane part. I do believe if you give to others the Lord will bless you but I also believe in the concept of using wisdom on how to give and the measure to give.

Understand if you never fill your cup or become the first partaker everyone else including yourself will starve. I am tired of starving and being broke so I decided to fill my cup & then in return I can fill everyone else cup around me!  

October Series: Age, Health & Wealth!

October has finally arrived in a big way as this month commemorates Breast Cancer Awareness and Domestic Violence Month. Our October Series is entitled Age, Health & Wealth!  We will discuss how important it is to get your breast exam & checking your breast yourself. We will also discuss the importance of gaining knowledge on your finances & getting out of debt & investing. And last but not least, we will talk about the beauty of aging & realizing age is nothing but a number! So join us as we explore the beauty of aging, embracing our health & gaining knowledge on wealth! 

5 Habits of Wealthy People

Everyone wants to be rich but I have realized being wealthy has nothing to do with a dollar amount. Your mind has to first conceive wealth as a mental concept then your mind will be open to understand the characteristics of a wealthy person. Below I have listed five essential habits of wealthy people.

1. Wealthy people live simple lives. Simplicity is a way of life for wealthy people because they find joy in the simple pleasures of life. They enjoy things that are not filled with monotony. They embrace the simple things around them and not take them for granted.

2. Wealthy people are lowkey. People who have status or stature are the most quiet and humble people you will ever know in your life. They do not brag about their wealth but use their status wisely. 

3. Wealthy people are systematic. They like to stay focus and not allow distractions to take them off course. They keep their goals in the fore front. They never worry about what other people are doing because they do not have time to keep up with others. They are busy working their plan and creating the life they desire.

4. Wealthy people are distinctive about who are in their inner circle. They do not label everyone as a confidante. They understand that some people are seasonal and make shifts to include new people in their circle. They also understand evolution is apart of growth so as they grow their human interactions will change and flourish.

5. Wealthy people create. A person who is wealthy is always creating new ideas and concepts. They do not go to bed normal hours because their mind is always activating innovative ideas for their million dollar lifestyle. People who are wealthy are creative innovators. They exercise their power to create and manifest their creation.