January Theme: Plan, Prepare & Present!

In this month of January we usher in a new year, new mindset & a clean slate. Our theme for this month is entitled Plan, Prepare & Present. It is important we take the time to plan for the life we want, prepare for it & began to make monumental steps to present it to the world. Our articles this month will discuss planning for success in all areas of your life, preparing for the harvest of your success & being bold to present your dreams & desires to the world. Get Ready for an exciting month filled with goal setting & taking action manifest our dreams! 

Febraury’s Theme: Love


In the month of February,  The Inspirational Corner is focusing on the theme of  “love”.  In this month we will discuss self-love, long distance love & breaking the rules in the game of dating. The articles will inspire you to love yourself, believe in the power of love and be brave to enter the dating environment.