October Theme: Healing, wHoleness & Happiness!

The month of October has came in with a bang and so has our theme for this month. In this month our theme is Healing, wHoleness & Happiness. We will discuss the importance of taking your time to heal, how healing creates a sense of wholeness & why healing is connected to your life happiness.

Exercise Your Girl Power Everyday!

After watching the 67th annual Emmys, I was overwhelmed with the joy of feeling empowered. It was a night for women to shine and break barriers that continuously need to be broken in media, in Hollywood, in music and so many other places. 

As women we are challenged with so many responsibilities that we sometimes lose our way. We lose our way by hiding the authentic person we are by becoming someone only society wants us to be. It is important we do not lose ourselves in the midst of pleasing others. 

We have many hats we wear but we should always take every opportunity to make our voices heard to exercise our girl power everyday. In my 36 years of living on Earth I realize being a girl is not only fabulous but quite powerful yet we never take the time to celebrate our power. So in this post we are giving you tips to exercise your girl power everyday!

Tips To Exercise Your Girl Power

1. Stand Up For Something. If you do not stand up for something you will become a victim and fall for anything. It is important you exercise your voice when you feel that it is necessary to bring a change to the world. Do not be afraid of what others may think of you because your voice matters. Stand up for a cause that is dear to your heart in spite of the minimized applause. 

2. Celebrate Yourself. It is important to celebrate yourself everyday and every chance you get in life. Never wait on others to celebrate you because before anyone can appreciate you; you have to learn to appreciate yourself.

3. Cater To You. As women we can do many things at once but that does not mean we have too. We owe it to ourselves to take time off to reflect, restore & rejuvenate our sanity. So never hesitate to let everyone know you are taking time off from their needs & catering to your needs.

4. Retail Therapy. Never feel guilty for splurging on yourself as long as your bills are paid & some money is stashed away you can indulge in a little retail therapy.

5. Rate Of Return. The greatest investment you can make is in yourself so don’t be shy about investing in that trip, spa day or anything else that will nurture your soul. Their is a greater rate of return when you invest in your growth and well-being. Don’t  short-change yourself! 

The Superhero of Words

The most sacred thing in life is to cherish your small beginnings and embrace the road bumps. We speed through the road bumps hoping to arrive at our destination quicker but we do ourselves an injustice because learning to slow down, enjoying the view will help us appreciate the journey ahead. When I first started my journey as being a self-published author I was focused on producing content quick, thrusting it out to the public and becoming a household name – to my surprise it did not work that way. I encountered many humbling experiences just to learn that is was never about me. It was my role to impact someone’s life with my words.

When you are a writer you have a responsibility to be able to communicate written and verbal effectively. Sometimes as writers we have poor communication with those around us. I have learned that writing creates worlds which produce reality. Words are powerful they have the ability to alter someone’s life permanently. Writers are like superheroes we have the power to inspire, uplift, educate and empower someone who reads our written work. We can never take our talent lightly it holds a lot of weight. Since I have been writing professionally for the last six years I came to the conclusion that being transparent is powerful.

People who are looking for the answer to their life problems need transparency, authenticity and honesty. As a writer if we cannot write from a place of sincerity it leaves the reader feeling empty searching for a solution. Our mission as writers is to connect the dots mentally, emotionally and visually for our readers. I encourage you to never leave the reader hanging if God has given you the gift to write, write without hesitation but most of all write with a purpose! 

5 Simple Ways To Create Your Life Mantra

Mantras are defined as reaffirming  words that have the power to define and shape your life. Mantras are the puzzle pieces that glue your life together. I believe mantras can help you speak into existence the life you desire to live. Regular quotes we recite on a daily basis can become our mantras in life. This month I decided to create a personal life mantra to stay focus on the life I want to cultivate. It has been a great experience for me because when I have down days I remember my mantra, Live, Laugh, Love. I wanted to live more, laugh more & love more in 2015. Below are simple ways to create a mantra that can give your life a boost to flow in the right direction.
Tips To Create Your Life Mantra
1. Favorite Quotes. Think of your favorite quote and underline the words that stick out to you. Then try to connect a mantra that fits the life you want to create.
2. Words are powerful. Words have the power to create, transform or destroy our lives. It is important to speak positive life giving words instead of words that can create the life we do not desire. Take inventory of all the negative words you say and replace them with positive words.
3. Research. Research key phrases that pinpoint the journey you are currently on in your life.
4. Simplicity. Make sure your mantra is something that is effective and you can remember it. Keep it simple and sweet.
5. Write it down, Recite & Repeat. In order to keep your life mantra present it will be important to write it down and stick it in a visible place you can recite everyday.
These are five simple steps to help you create a life mantra that will keep you inspired, centered and focused on your journey ahead!

Born "Alpha", Woman That Is!

I know who I am, I embrace who I am and who I am is what I accept; no validation needed. ~Stylicia~
Its has been almost two years since I threw away the carbon copy of who I thought I was and traded it in for the unadulterated woman God created me to be. In this journey I have learn so much about myself and realized the authentic me had to emerge. I lived my life for years being a fake, pleasing other people because of my insecurities. In 2011, I got an epiphany and have not been the same ever since.  My circle of friends have changed and I realize this road to authenticity can be lonely when you start dancing to the own beat of your drum. In the first two months of 2013 the revelation of myself started to go deeper when I went on a 30 day soul detox. The big reveal was that I am not an ordinary woman but extraordinary woman. God created me with unique characteristics that I did not want to embrace. Have you ever asked God, “Why did you make me this way?” The simple answer is God loves me just the way I am and does not mind being patient with me to tame or deliver the things that will harm my success. So yesterday in deep conversation with a dear friend I brought up “The Alpha Woman”. I told her we are Alpha Women, born to be this way. You may ask me, “Stylicia, what exactly is an Alpha Woman?” After intense research on the Alpha Woman I have complied a list of some characteristics that make me or you an Alpha Woman. Let’s look deeper and embrace this “Alpha Woman” phenom.
The Unveiling Of The Alpha Woman : Characteristics
Characteristic #1: The Alpha Woman is Confident. She knows what she wants and go for it. Go Getter Mentality
Characteristic #2: The Alpha Woman is Independent. She believes in pushing her own weight and making things happen for herself.
Characteristic #3: The Alpha Woman is Purpose Driven. She knows her purpose in life and everyday she sets a target to fulfill her goals.
Characteristic #4: The Alpha Woman is aware of her power. She uses her feminine power to lead in a positive light. She is subtle and like the finer things in life.
Characteristic #5: The Alpha Woman is classy. She is wrapped in all things elegant.
Characteristic #6: The Alpha Woman is a trendsetter. She inspires people through her words, her style, and most of all through her presence.
Characteristic #7: The Alpha Woman does not have to demand respect, respect automatically follows her; everywhere she goes.
Characteristic #8: The Alpha Woman can sometimes be demanding. She lives her life on auto inspire & auto make a difference. She is out to change the world.
Characteristic #9 The Alpha Woman is confident.
Characteristic #10 The Alpha Woman is authentic.
Characteristic #11: The Alpha Woman is intellectual. She loves to gain knowledge through educating herself for the next big takeover.
Characteristic #12: The Alpha Woman is unique. She never tries to blend in because she knows her worth and she knows she is an original. No one can imitate her.
Does this sound like you? Well if so, join the bandwagon I AM AN ALPHA WOMAN, TOO! Embrace who you are, allow God to perfect it and balance you out. Never be ashamed of who you are be that “Alpha Woman” you were born to be!
Examples of Alpha Women:
1) Beyonce
2) Oprah Winfrey
3) First Lady Michelle Obama
4) Tyra Banks
5) Jada Pinkett
6) Alicia Keys
7) Queen Latifah
8) Angela Bassett
9) Mary J Blige

What’s Holding You Back?

Passion is what keeps me alive even when I want to fall asleep I can’t because there is always a burning to do more. Passion is the desire or burning fire to produce something greater on the inside of you inspite of what it looks like in your life. When you know your life is changing and something greater is about to take place in your life it is hard to sleep because passion is keeping you woke. In the last seven days I have been immersing myself in my mental detox with no tv, no music, no social media etc., literally no distractions. This mental detox has purge me in my mental capacity in order for me to produce the life I want for myself. So many times we applaud other people for living their dreams but believe it could never be us. This is a sad vision because God has given us all the power to create our lives but we limit ourselves with our own personal thoughts. I realized in order for me to go to the next level in my life my mindset had to shift and I truly had to dig deep into myself to face my those defeating thoughts. The mind is such a powerful weapon because it has the power to produce or not produce.  All of your dreams and aspirations do not lie in someone else power but we have the power to unlock all the wealth, joy, peace, and abundance that lies on the inside of us. We allow fear of the unknown to stop us from taking our lives to another level. Fear is your worst enemy if you never face it. 

This year I decided to face my fears and it has changed my life. I am able to conquer “the fear of the unknown” because I needed to walk out on faith. Faith is the only remedy that can cure the fear that is holding you back from living an abundant life. The old clique states “A mind is a terrible thing to waste” which is true when you waste it in fear. The world will show you images of death to keep you living life in fear. However, you have to decide to live life in faith. I was in the military for nine years it taught me how to be fearless. I lived in two foreign countries on my own and it taught me how important it was to walk out on faith. I was never fearful about life. I was adventurous and embraced each moment. It is time to get out my comfort zone and live life on edge again. Since I have lived back in the states for the last six years it has made me comfortable and complacent. Now, I am ready to break out of my shell, live life on edge and be fearless again. I have not found any fun in being comfortable because being comfortable is boring. When I decided to step out of my comfort zone I really started to live life again. Since the adrenaline rush is back I am determined to move full speed ahead in this fearless state. 

Now I ask you, what is holding you back? 
What is keeping you hostage to a comfortable life, living life in the comfort zone? 
It’s time for you to gain an adrenaline rush to live life on edge. So take inventory, free yourself & make a decision to be fearless!