Rest in the Unrest….

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When significant changes occur in your life, sometimes, there can be a sense of turmoil. The unrest produces fear, anxiety, and overwhelm because we don’t know how everything will fall into place. However, if we learn to embrace change, the path of uncertainty becomes clearer to navigate.

Sometimes the restlessness we feel is subliminal to the unrest we create within ourselves. Instead of surrendering, we choose to fight the unknown due to our fear of change. Change can sometimes be hard to embrace; however, the thing on the other side could be the best thing we could imagine. And when we are challenged to do something different, there can be a state of resistance, yet it pushes us to become a better version of ourselves.

Here are three simple ways to let go, stop fighting the old, and embrace the newness of change.

  1. Evaluate what you need to let go. Purging, detoxing, and removing the unnecessary will clarify the direction you need to go.
  2. Stop resisting the change. When you take small steps then you will create bigger strides towards your goals.
  3. Embrace the rest. When you let go, surrender to the ebbs and flow of life, you will realize that everything is working out in your favor in the end.

The Journey…


I can attest to the colloquialism of life that it is a journey not a destination. Life is filled with unexpected detours, stop signs, roadblocks, turning lanes and much more. However, in the midst of it all, life is an adventure. In order to live the adventure you mustn’t resist the lessons it has to offer.


I have spent almost a decade trying to adjust to a new life since I left the military in 2008. The journey has been filled with ups and downs but it has equipped me to gain sea legs to weather the storm. I have come to the realization that life is filled with Alice and The Wonderland moments. Every time I tried to resist the ebb and flow of life I would wipe out like a person learning how to surf for the first time.

When you are open to the journey of life it will reveal serendipitous moments. These moments will lead you to your destiny. Your destiny may lead you to great adventures and opportunities. Life is not made for the person who love comfort zones instead it challenges you to get out your comfort zone. Comfort zones are security blankets that keep you stagnant.

Stagnancy leads to a life filled with no adventure, boredom, fear and lack. Lack creates a feeling of dissatisfaction which leads to discontentment. As you muddle through your journey be flexible in the ways that life will unfold.


Last Day of Summer….


Today is the official last day of summer and for most of us it is just another day. However, I believe this is the best time to spend it in reflection. Reflecting is a great therapeutic tool to slow down and gather your thoughts. In this process you can reflect on the last nine months of this year. You might decide to reflect on goals that were achieved, relationships that ended, new things that have entered your life and where you want to be at by the end of 2017.

Reflection is a good way to look at the past, embrace the present and prepare for the future. As you prepare for the autumnal equinox take this day to sit back, sip your favorite beverage and revel in the beauty of Fall.

How do you plan to spend your last day of summer? (Leave your comments below)

Recap of January Blog Post

This year on The Inspirational Corner we decided to do monthly themes. In this month our theme was “Newness” as we discussed starting a new year with new goals as we shifted into the power of reinventing yourself, to creating a life mantra to keep you centered throughout the year. Below we have provided the links to give you a recap of January articles to keep you motivated, refreshed and charged before this month quickly slips by! 
New Year, New Goals:
5 Simple Ways To Create Your Life Mantra

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New Year, New Goals

Holidays are over and now we began to focus on our list of things to accomplish for a new year. It is customary for people to make resolutions, go on a vision board frenzy to declare their path for success. However, as the New Year has boldly proclaimed its entrance it’s time to make sure you have plans to execute your goals.
I stopped making new year resolutions and began to make goals. It was more realistic to me to list my goals than to talk about things I would do for a new year. Goals are more effective because they give you a clear sense of the direction you are willing to take to make your dream a reality. In order to obtain all that is due to you make a list of your goals for each area of your life. After you list your goals then it is time to break them up into smaller goals. Each goal you list should be realistic and obtainable to execute within a certain time frame.
The next step is to create a plan of action to accomplish your goals. It will be important to review all the necessary things you may need to produce each goal. When you do a plan of action you may need to reassess what activities you need to withdraw from and deposit your time into the things that are bringing you closer to your goal. Planning strategically will help you complete each goal successfully. Do not forget to make a calendar timeline for your expected completion dates.
The last thing to do to make your new year goals reachable is execution. Life obstacles will come but you have to stay focused on completing the goals you set forth. The greatest thing to do is to eliminate distractions and surround yourself with people moving in the same direction as you are. It is up to you to keep the vow you made to yourself.
Just remember to Stay Motivated & Kill Procrastination!

A Writer’s New Year Goals

As 2015 is rampantly coming it is our goal to get all writing deadlines finish before the new year. Writers constantly struggle with the right words, eye catching phrases and hooks to draw readers into their world.  I am serious about my writing career becoming something fulltime beyond an expensive hobby. In order to make my writing a fulltime career I have to become serious about changing my writing habits. Gone are the days where I just write to write now I write to breathe, eat and live.

Writing is a passion that I cannot turn off. I want people to be inspired, renewed and feel a sense of comfort when they read my art. Writing is written art because we paint pictures with our words. Below, I have listed a few goals for the new year in my writing career. If you are a writer I encourage you to write down your goals and become intentional to follow through on making your writing career a dream come true. 

New Year Goals…..

1) Take a writing course. I plan to take a travel writing course to merge the two things I love travel & writing.

2) Go to a conference. I have been searching high and low for a conference I can attend either for blogging or self publishing. This year I plan to attend a conference in theses genres near my area.

3) Complete my book I am way behind on completing some chapters for my new book project. I have to play catch up in January.

4) Be a guest blogger. I have been a consistent contributor on Mind Of A Diva blog, in 2015 I want to expand my writing voice to connect with other bloggers as well.

5) International Blogger. It is my intention to create a international writing brand by connecting my writing more to international bloggers.

6) Republish my book. In 2012, I wrote my first inspiring book “The Inspirational Corner” but it did not go anywhere so in my attempt to repolish it I will be republishing my book to add up to date things to it.

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