Be Brilliant.

She was radiant but others were jealous of her shine, so she tried to fit in but they constantly rejected her. She wanted to be apart of the crowd but she forgot one important thing….She was brilliant. She was a light; unique and appealing. While others blended in she was a colorful being; engaging and intense. She had an intensity that drove people mad because she was a genius in her own right. She was brilliant and forgot that she was the salt of the Earth!

As women we sometimes try to hide who we really are for the sake of fitting in the crowd. When we shrink to make others feel important then we are denying ourselves the right to shine. Once we embrace the fact that we are smart, witty and fun then we will never hide our brilliance. Below are 3 tips to help you to release your brilliance.

Release Your Brilliance

1) Embrace Your Intellectual Nature. Don’t be scared to show your I.Q. Don’t downplay your intelligence. If people are intimidated by your intelligence then eventually they will be compelled to raise the bar or walk away. If they walk let them walk.

2) Love What You Love. Never make excuses for what you love. The things you love make you who you are unapologetically.

3) Shine. Never lose your sparkle. Your sparkle is needed in a dark world so continue to shed light.