The Voice of The Voiceless

Without the right to express, the voice remains voiceless. ~Stylicia A. Bowden~
Today I had the chance to watch the movie “The Help” for the first time I was reminded how important it is to have the courage to speak out. When the movie first came out at the movie theatre I had no desire to  watch the movie. Many moviegoers expressed their opinions about the film but no one really focused on the message in the movie. My daughter and I watched the movie together which brought emotions of anger, pain, hope, and triumph. Our tears rolled down our eyes to witness the maids treatment and how they were considered to be inhuman because of the color of their skin. However once the character Skitter decided to be the vessel to write the African American maid’s story then their life was about to change. I cried throughout the movie witnessing Viola Davis character enduring heartache but in the end she made her voice matter.I thought about how many of us do not use our voice to speak the truth, to speak freedom or to speak for the voiceless. In America we are considered to be the land of the free and the home of the brave but many are still enslaved because their voice was never heard.It is our duty to be the voice for the man, woman, or child who has been molested, raped and abused. People who are victimized become terrified, scared to tell the truth because they fear the repercussions could be deadly. Bullying is another trigger that paralyzes the voice of the voiceless.  However, it is our responsibility to protect the voiceless and use our voice as a mouth piece to bring justice. Many who live a homosexual lifestyle need the love of God and prayer. As Christians it is our duty not to judge but to be the voice of the Lord Jesus Christ and speak with a voice of love. You may not agree with their lifestyle but Jesus had a voice of love even for those who did not choose the path of righteousness. The movie was a fresh reminder for us not to judge or be prejudice of people who need to learn how to use their voice. The maids did not want to tell their stories but in the end it took courage for them to express their true feelings. My daughter said, “Mommy, I thought their would be a happy ending!” and I realized the happy ending was when Viola Davis character found her voice and used it to win her freedom. Today I challenge you to use your voice for the voiceless if you have a voice and if you are scared to speak up find your voice.
Everyone has a voice but I encourage you to find your voice in this often voiceless world!