The Grace Anatomy

When I think about the gift of grace I am reminded of how we are given favor in situations that sometimes do not seem favorable. However, grace has the power to give us a second chance, another opportunity to recover from our mistakes. Everyone deserves a period of grace to choose a better path for their life. Grace gives us time to correct things that may have went wrong.

A woman with grace shows compassion, love and learn that forgiveness is a necessity to live a free life. When you choose to be a woman of grace you give someone else permission to be imperfect. Our imperfections shows everyone else that we are human. In reality, no one is flawless because we all have flaws but our flaws make us authentic. When you choose to be a woman who exudes grace you make others feel secure.

A woman of grace holds a certain elegance, poise and finesse in the world because she never try to be something she is not. She never judges others but embrace everyone with love and respect. When I think of women who have portrayed the statute of grace I think of Queen Elizabeth,Princess Diana and Mother Theresa. These particular women have displayed their elegance, finesses and poise to everyone that have crossed their path. 

If you are struggling with how to be a woman of grace below are a couple of tips to help you be a gracious woman and embody the anatomy of grace!

Grace Anatomy Tips

1. No Judgement Zone. Mistakes are inevitable so don’t judge other people for their downfalls.

2.  Be Kind. When you are kind to others they have no problem being kind to you. In kindness you begin to operate in the golden rule, do unto others as they would do unto you! 

3. Validation is for Parking. A woman of grace does not feel the need to explain her decisions to others because she does not feel the need to be validated in her actions. No one validation is needed because she believes in herself.

4. Confidence is sexy. When you embody confidence you attract success. A confident woman knows what she wants and what she deserves. 

5. Words are powerful. When you are able to choose your words wisely and respect the emotions of others your words will be sweet and endearing instead of words that hurt others. 

6. Choose Peace. When you are a woman of grace you always find a way to choose peace & steer away from drama. You are not a drama queen! 

7. Treasures are adored. When a woman understands she is a treasure she never feels the need to chase after people to make them recognize her worth. She knows what she brings to the table and she is never scared to eat alone.

When you exercise these 7 simple tips you will begin to embody a woman of grace. A woman of grace is a thermostat where she has the power to set the climate for her environment. So strive to be a woman of grace!

Rising In Your Queendom

As I grow more into the woman I always wanted to become I realize that being a woman is such a powerful concept. I truly believe we sometimes condense our power to make others feel more adequate but in essence, we are hurting ourselves. When we do not live up to our full potential we diminish the queen we really are on the inside. I realize as I journey through the abyss of my authentic road I cannot diminish the queen qualities I have lying dormant. The queen on the inside of me is raging to be released to the world unadulterated. When I suppress the roaring that brews internally I begin to stifle the queen that needs to rise up. Every woman has the ability to rise up in her queendom but we let our own insecurities, others negative words and societal validation stop the growth of who we are really supposed to become. Recently, I decided to purchase Queen Latifah book Put On Your Crown this book has been a game changer in my life. Her book has open my eyes to what it truly means for me to put on my crown with confidence and wear it boldly. For a very long time in my life I would shy away from the lime light due to my own insecurities and low self-esteem. I walked heavily in the people pleaser spirit making everyone happy while I remained miserable. I constantly put everyone else needs before mines which cause me to be depleted mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. I would give everyone else the diamond status treatment while I treated myself to the cubic zirconium level.

A couple of years ago I was at a breaking point because I got sick and tired of people manipulating me. I knew three years ago in order for me to walk fully into my queendom I was challenged to defy the odds. Rising up in my queendom meant that some people feathers would be ruffled and some people would rotate out of my life. Three years later, I can truly say that this evolution has been worth all the love, peace and joy of finding myself—my authentic self. Queen Latifah book has truly helped me identify  some internal things I need to face in this season of my life. I believe this year is the year for me to rise high and go to another dimension as a woman. I refuse to miss out on living my best life and not maximizing my gifts to their full capacity. When you realize that you were always a diamond you no longer accept that cubic zirconium quality. As you begin to desire more for your life you will connect with the queen on the inside of you. You will begin to rise up and call forth the queen that you were already meant to be. Masterpieces are not just thrown together but they take calculated time to come together; as a queen you are the calculated masterpiece. I charge you every day of your life to bring forth the queen in you and let her rise up boldly. No longer quench the rising of your inner queendom. Rise Queen, Rise!
Put On Your Crown by Queen Latifah
Photo Credit: Pinterest Images