The Burnout Culture:7 Ways to Take Back Your Power….

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I couldn’t believe I spent another year working hard to end the school year suffering from burnout. I knew I enjoyed teaching but being exhausted was not in my extended life plan. It was time to change my life and end my abusive relationship with this burnout culture. So, in 2018 I began my journey into working less and living more.

America, the land of the burnout, overworked and underpaid culture, promotes the concept of living to work and working yourself into exhaustion. Americans have lost a sense of personal fulfillment and what it means to have a hobby. Instead, many Americans turn every passion into a business perpetuating an overworked lifestyle. I believe it is time to stop the obsession of chasing money, power, and success. It is time to seize the moment, embrace opportunities, and live your dreams.

Suppose you are wondering how to go from exhaustion to ease; check out the seven tips below. These seven tips will help reclaim your time and take back your life.

  1. Know Your Limits. Let your “No” mean “No” & only say yes to stuff you really want to do.
  2. Unplug. Whether it is unplugging from social media, people or your phone take time to sort through your emotions to gain clarity in the direction you want to go.
  3. Plan a sabbatical. Sometimes the demands of work and life can be overwhelming so take the time to reset by taking a year off from work.
  4. Pace Yourself. Do a little at a time instead of feeling like you have to do everything all at once.
  5. Give yourself permission to be still. It is okay to step back from your life and rejuvenate.
  6. Take a nap. Listen to your body & get the rest you deserve.
  7. Find a hobby not a business. Figure out what you love to do just for fun and remember hobbies are for personal fulfillment versus making it another business venture.

Hygge for the Holidays…..


Slowing down……such a foreign concept to me for several years until I settled down in the south. As a single mom slowing down is a challenge everyday because there is always something to do on the checklist. However, in the last two years I have been challenged to slow down and really embrace the present moment. The present moment is crystallized by focusing on the now. The “now” moments are the moments we can never gain back. If this is true, then why do we rush through one event to the next?

Lately, I have been intrigued with going a lot slower in my everyday life. It has made a big difference in my mindset. Although, the holidays are here I am truly embracing slow motion. In my pursuit of this new lifestyle I have came across the word hygge (hoo-gah) practiced by the Danish culture. This lifestyle is a Danish concept that has been popping up everywhere I go. I can’t remember exactly where I heard it but I have been researching a little deeper about this concept. For a long time there was no formal definition for this word however, more Americans have become aware of this concept.


The holidays is great time to practice this Danish concept especially since Thanksgiving and Christmas is right around the corner. I don’t believe in putting concepts in a box so you have the power to rearrange it the way it fits your life. For example, hygge to me is drinking hot cocoa, tea or wine during the winter months, watching a movie, reading a book and spending some quality time with my daughter.

No matter what concept, tradition or non-tradition you practice slowing down and enjoying the moment should be apart of your daily regiment.

Here is a book I am currently reading check it out in Stylicia’s Reads.

The Charms of Charleston

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Charleston, SC is known to be one of top tourist city’s according to the Conde Nast Traveler’s magazine. It has remained as the number one place to travel for tourists who are looking for historic sites, immaculate shopping, excellent restaurants and beautiful weather. I never understood why Charleston was rated among places like New York, Paris and other major tourist areas. I have lived in Charleston, SC for six years after exiting the military which forced me to understand  the dynamics of the Lowcountry. I began to find things to do in Charleston every weekend for me and my daughter. I soon fell in love with the charms of  Charleston, SC especially the downtown area. Downtown Charleston is filled with culture from an array of people coming from all around the world to various food choices ranging from Mediterranean food, Italian, Lebanese and much more. Today I fell in love with the beautiful charms that downtown Charleston offers such as my favorite gelato place on King Street (shopping district). I was able to experience a quaint Mediterranean Café called Taziki’s that has great customer service and food. After I ate my lunch I ventured to Belgian Gelato where the ice cream is pure Italian heaven. The shops on King St. are divine locally owned with eccentric things to buy. Another great charm about downtown Charleston is Market St. which is compounded of several vendors that range from art to jewelry and so much more.
Every Friday the market showcase artists so they can sell their artwork to tourist or locals. The most charming thing about Charleston I have found is their jazz bar, “The Mezz” that is located upstairs in Sermet’s Restaurant where the local band “The Quentin Baxter Quintet” play live jazz on Thursday, Friday and Saturday prospectively. The atmosphere is like a scene out of the movie “Love Jones” where Larenz Tate was doing poetry at the restaurant. The jazz bar setting is classy, elegant and decorated with white linen chairs. This jazz bar is one of my top gems that I treasure in downtown Charleston. I am a big city girl who crave the city lights, multiple things to do and also enjoy the times where I can hear complete silence. Charleston, SC gives me the freedom to cherish the complete serenity that the country life gives me. I never understood the charms of Charleston but now I understand that this city preserves their culture, embraces the history and draw people to the beauty of the hidden gems around the area.
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