Redesign Your Life…

For the last eight months, I have been diligently redesigning and repairing my home. It was my goal to create a home that I loved.  At the end of last year, I went to visit a friend in Virginia. She lived in a beautiful loft located across from a private beach. I truly fell in love with the ambiance of her home. I knew she had an admiration for the beach life and so she brought the essence of that lifestyle to her home.

I was truly inspired by her home. She encouraged me to surround my home with all the things I love. When I came back from my week of vacation I began to do the work to turn my house into a home I adored.

I remember when I spent years  jumping on the road visiting friends and family because my house was just a place to sleep, eat and dwell. However, this year I began to change my perception about my house and decided to implement the things I love in my home. Since, I have been on this journey of redesigning  my home I don’t feel the need to run away from it anymore. I enjoy the process of redesigning a home that screams elegance. I love a home filled with beautiful things especially peace, luxury and love.

In the process of upgrading my home I realize my life has shifted. I am learning not to settle for things that I don’t love. I also learned that I am worthy to live the life I desire and become the woman I want to be.

In this sudden shift my life has taken me on a better path. I choose to cultivate  relationships and friendships that are mutually beneficial. I am more in tune with designing a career, home and life I love versus settling for a life I just exist in momentarily.

I believe our homes are a representation of our life. I have found that my life is being reinvented along with my home.

Below are a couple things you can do to redesign your home that reflects a shift in your life.

1. Clear Your Closet. Get rid of clothes you no longer wear or love. As you evolve your wardrobe evolves as well.

2. Organize the clutter. When you begin to organize the clutter you will gain more clarity in your life.

3. Add Gold. According to Ashlina Kaposta, interior designer & blogger of The Decorista Blog, says “adding metallics in your home office illuminates your money making energy”. Check out her blog:

4. Move. For years my life was a mirror image of my home, the same old routines in my life with my house decorated the same way for 9 years. However, rearranging some things in my house help me freshen up my life routine.

5. Make a list. Think about all the things you love and make a list to implement those things in your home. For example I love books so I created a small bookbasket under my desk to hold my books & journals.

Which one will you pick to work on this week? Share your comments below.

The Power Of Creativity

A person that has the power to create but stifles the ability by being passive injures the sanctity of creativity. ~Stylicia~ 

Everyone has an innate ability and power to create or produce something greater than their current situation. However, creativity is connected to our soul where thoughts, ideas, concepts and innovation springs alive in our heart. Creativity is best describe to be something or someone who has a sense of genius. They evoke their creativity by producing a visual perception of life. We often connect creativity to being an artist, poet, singer, dancer or designer but creativity is far beyond those activities. God has given everyone the ability to create because if you can visualize it then you can create it. A person that is deemed a creator has a vision and uses his/her words to produce the atmosphere that they desire. If you feel stuck or stagnant in your life then you have not be assertive about tapping into your creativity. You may have allowed distractions to fog your vision and  take you off course. However, in order to tap into your creative power you have to begin to understand the power of creativity. God created the heavens and earth by speaking into existence his visualization of the world (Genesis 1). Visualizing is an important part of creating because it help you produce the atmosphere you see. If you can imagine the life you dream of and clearly see it then the power of creativity can flourish from your vision. Also speaking the words of life will stimulate the growth of your creativity because it will produce the visualization. Words have a powerful connection in creativity because words are the foundation of creating. If you visualize but never speak of the visual stimuli then it lies dormant in your spirit. Some people have no idea of the power of creativity because they often visualize or dream but never speak the words to create the life they desire. In order to start producing the life you often visualize you first have to understand the steps in tapping into your creativity and then activate your power to produce the life you desire. So, below are quick steps to follow to inspire you to tap into the power of creativity to manufacture the life you desire and often dream of:

1. Blockage: The first step is understand what is blocking your visualization or perception of what you see…(i.e fear, torment, low self esteem, people, distractions, passiveness etc.)

2. Identify the distractions: Understand what is it that take you off course and once you pinpoint the “distracting agent” then find ways to discipline your focus by seeing the “BIG PICTURE”!

3.  Power of Words: In order to create you must attach words to your visual perception so make a list of words that identify with what you see or what you dream of…Make sure the words are a conducive to the atmosphere you wish to create. For example, I visualize myself living in Paris so the words I will attach to my visual perception is: love, muse, traveling, excitement, exploration, Eiffel Tower, French  etc. 

4. Activate: Once you practice the three steps mentioned above then it is time to activate your creative power by being assertive about creating your atmosphere. 
  • Research- You can start by researching on the Internet, buying books or going to the library to get information. 
  • Collect data-Demographics, Statistics etc.  
  • Connect- Start connecting with people who are living the life you desire or have experienced the life you often dream about. Surround yourself with like minded people. 
After you have successfully completed the following steps to guide you then you will be eager to activate the power of your creativity….