Your Dreams Matter….


“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.”~Henry David Thoreau~

Why is it when we get older we lose our imagination? We start to live life in reality and forget our childlike nature. It amazes me as we grow up we lose the sense of our imagination. When I was a child I had a dream of being a writer and traveling around the world. However, as I got older that dream began to shift to the background of my life. I started working hard for other people’s company giving their dream a 100% investment yet I had no time to nurture my dream.

Something hit me when I decided to write my first poetry book, I realized it was time to get back to what I loved doing. I have always been a writer and it came naturally for me since I was a child. I use to write plays, short stories, poems and so much more. I had one more year left in the military and I already knew I was not going to reenlist. I wanted to start living my passion and dream. In spite of all the personal setbacks that came my way I was determined to finish my book. So, In April of 2007 I self-published my first poetic work of literature. I was proud of myself and ended up being in the local military newspaper.

From this moment on I knew it was time to live my dream fully. I got tired of being burnt out building someone else’s empire. I had to get to a point where I became uncomfortable with giving my all to everyone else except myself. The last ten years has been a journey in pursuing what I love but I know it is worth it. I had some great days and some not so great days but I am proud of myself.

I have no desire to be enslaved to someone else’s idea of what success is for me. As I become wiser I understand I only have one life and spending it my way is important. I remember spending countless of hours marketing and sharing other people’s business and ideas across social media. Instantly, I stopped supporting those who were not supporting me because in the end it was draining. I deserve all the time, love and passion I freely give to others to give back to myself.

Now at this epic place in my life I am choosing me and my dreams. I want you to understand this one simple thing….your dreams should matter to you and making them tangible is important. It should not be enough for you to dream but making it a reality should be your life motivation.

Do not waste your entire life building someone else empire when you have an empire of your own to build. I challenge you today to get started on investing in yourself. 

Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number!

Age is not a deadline it is the beginning of a new era! ~Stylicia~

It is funny how we live in a world that gives us a particular age limit to have kids, get married and all the other superfluous stuff. However, I believe putting limits on yourself due to your age can literally handicap your future. I do understand age is important when it comes to the regular things such as driving, drinking and understanding the fundamentals of life. However, we should not put an age on our dreams, success or living the life we desire.

I remember when I told God if I am not married and have another child by 35 then it was a wrap for me. Now at 36 going on 37 I laugh at my ultimatum that I gave God. I realize there is beauty in embracing every stage of your life at every age. I am not married at this point in my life and I definitely don’t desire another child. I never knew that my 30’s was a time for me to explore my authenticity, heal from my past and embrace newness. We live in a society that can sometimes be caught up in the numbers but as we progress America is realizing age is simply a number!

After 36 years of living I realize I can be who I want to be and I can do what I want to do at any age. The only thing that will limit me is my mindset. You can get married at 50, have kids at 42 or go back to school at 60. Age is not the determining factor in your life from succeeding…..your mindset is! When you put a deadline on how much you can accomplish due to your age then you limit your potential. We all have the potential to be great but some of us choose to wait until a certain time to achieve the things we want to do.

Have you ever thought about retiring at 30, 40 or even 50, if so what is stopping you? Absolutely nothing! It is time to get rid of the deadline in your head and start living again, start dreaming and pursuing the life you desire. Yes, it’s true with age comes responsibility and wisdom but also with age comes grace to appreciate life a lot more. I can attest to this because the older I get the more I appreciate life and all it has to offer. If you started to put deadlines in your head I want you to take a step back and erase those pesky things. Watch and see how amazing your life can be if you start to embrace the moment at any age because in reality age ain’t nothing but a number!

Recap of September Blog Post

As September slipped away we are recapping our series Girly, Glittery & Glamorous! In this series we discuss embracing your own authentic style & fashion, we also discussed tips to exercise your girl power everyday and then we wrapped up this series of learning how to be a woman of grace. Below are the links to help you recap September’s series:

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Recap of June Blog Post

As we wrap up our June Series: Beauty, Books & The Beach we discussed the books you should have on your summer reading rotation, protecting your skin in the hot summer heat & ways you can utilize the beach to help you relax for this summer. Below are the provided the links to give you a recap of June articles. 

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The Skin Files: Summer Skin Protection!

The heat is beating down upon your skin all you want to do is go hide in the shade. The sun has become your worst enemy during the projected summer months. The forecast has doomed your skin to more exposure to the heat rays. What can you do to protect your skin during the hot sticky summer months? Well, have no fear as we give you some tips to protect your skin. No matter what shade of the rainbow your are, black, white etc. skin protection is gravely important during this time.

I remember a couple a years ago when I endured the sun burn phenom. The sun left my skin burnt to the crisp due to not reapplying my sunscreen on the beach. My skin still remains two tone from my sun burn and now my skin being protected is a major priority. Below are a few tips to help you savor your skin and survive the summer heat!

 Five Tips For Summer Skin Protection

1) Research: Since our body is made up 100% of skin it is our duty to take care of the skin we live in daily. It is important to research the appropriate sunscreen you should utilize for your skin. If you have acne, eczema or other skin irritations consult a dermatologist on which sunscreens will be beneficial for you!

2) SPF Protection: In order to get the most out of your sunscreen make sure you get a sunscreen lotion that at least has SPF 15 broad spectrum. The SPF broad spectrum protects your skin from UVA and UVB rays. If you opt to get a higher SPF protection be aware that a higher SPF protection band is not necessarily better.

3) Key Ingredients: According to David J. Leffell, MD, professor of dermatology and surgery at the Yale School of Medicine in New Haven, Conn it is important to,”look for a sunscreen that contains at least one of the following ingredients: ecamsule, avobenzone, oxybenzone, titanium dioxide sulisobenzone or zinc oxide”.  (Reference site:

4) Reapply: When you are at the beach make sure you reapply your sunscreen when you come out of the water. It might be ideal to get a sunscreen that has a lasting resistant to water or sweat.

5) Cover Every Inch: Do not forget to cover you face during the hot summer months. I f you apply a moisturizer that has an SPF protection it can assist you in protecting your skin. Also wear appropriate clothing to protect your skin such as a wide brimmed hat, long sleeves etc.

Your body is important so take the time to protect the skin you are in!

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Unlock The Door To Happiness

Everyone wants to be happy but yet they find themselves aimlessly looking for their happiness. Happiness is not attached to a specific person, place or thing but lasting happiness is an everyday choice that has to be made in spite of external circumstances. Every person has their own specific definition of what happiness resembles for their life.

This year, I have started to search deeper into what makes me happy. It is my goal to continue to do what makes me happy and subtract myself from people, environments and things that drain my happiness. As we constantly grow as human beings our idea of what make us happy will gradually shift. I am no longer fearful of pursuing my life happiness. I realize that being happy is an essential part of living a fulfilling life.

Once you identify a clearer picture of your life happy plan then you can reevaluate where you are going right or wrong in the path to happy. I am a firm believer that everyone deserves to live a life full of colorful possibilities. People who fear living a life true to their happiness will always fall into a cycle of insanity.

Below are a few tips to help you unlock the door to your happiness on your terms!

Tip #1: Define your life happiness. Everyone has their own visual perception of what life they desire to live. Make sure you visualize the life you desire and then take time to define your life happiness. For example my life happiness consists of freedom, working on my own terms, traveling and living in a place where I can grow in my creative nature & prosper in all areas of my life.

Tip#2: Reevaluate your environment: Your environment plays a major role in how your happiness will be destructive or constructive. If your environment is draining your happiness factor it may be time to relocate.

Tip#3: Reevaluate the people: In your happiness journey you have to be willing to subtract people who put strain or stress on your positive development. It is not meant to allow everyone in your space. When you subtract relationships that are not conducive to your growth it helps you move in the direction of happiness quicker.

Tip#4: Exist outside your comfort zone: Nothing great can ever be developed in your comfort zone. Be willing to take chances and risk to stretch yourself. You never know what could make you happy if you are never willing to give it a try.

Tip 5# Take back your key & open the door. Do not let anyone disturb your peace or steal your joy. When you allow others indirect or direct behaviors influence your happiness you subconsciously give them the key. Your life happiness should not be contingent on what people do or do not do for you. 

Be bold enough to take back the key & unlock the door to your happiness!

The "No Regret" Zone: The Masterpiece Your Life Is Meant To Be!

Mona Lisa was frozen in time as the brazen glass frame preserved every curve of her stature. She seemed unreal but yet she was an amazing work of art everyone wanted to witness. The Louvre was packed with tourists ready to take pictures of history. I stood astounded by how the Mona Lisa was more than just a simple art work but it was a timeless masterpiece. According to some sources it took sixteen years for Lenardo Da Vinci to complete the Mona Lisa. I realize in this moment a masterpiece is a respected work art that takes time.

Just like the Mona Lisa is a respected work of art so is the creation of our lives. Our life is an unpredictable art that is shaped by the bruises, scars, bumps and cuts we accumulate along the way. However, we spend too much time replaying the past scenes of our life only to end up in living in a life we regret. If we can truly understand the blemishes on our canvas were apart of the fundamental development of our life masterpiece.

In order to see our lives as a masterpiece we have to be willing to readjust our visual lens. In order to readjust the visual lens you have to see every life happening as opportunity not a regret. Below are five tips you can realign your vision, erase the regrets & embrace your masterpiece life!

5 Tips On Living Your Masterpiece Life Without Regrets

1) Let go of the past. The past is the past which cannot be changed so embrace your mistakes & realize that your past has shaped a better you.

2) Think about the lesson. We sometimes regret the choices we have made only wishing our life could have turned out different. But there were lessons to be learned from our mishaps.

3) Your life is a masterpiece. Your individual  story is a masterpiece to inspire someone else.

4) Your masterpiece is authentic. No person can live the life that was ordained for you . And most of all your life challenges were meant to help you grow into your true self.

5) Take a chance. If you never are willing to take a chance then you will always regret the choices or opportunities you did not take. Living in regret is a terrible mindset which keeps you from achieving greater things and living in the now!

So, realign your vision, let the regrets go & cherish the masterpiece of your life!

Restituted Love

I believe love is the most profound emotion that we exude to others. Sometimes we can get the definition of love misconstrued with other things that are not a real representation of love. Love is defined in many aspects but the best definition of love I can gather is according to 1 Corinthians 13 in the Bible. We have all had our idea or perspective of what love is or could possibly be, but when you truly experience love you realize what it really is. So many times in my life I believed that I was in love with the different guys who perused in and out my life. However, I had no clue of what love was until I went on a three year journey of learning to love myself.
Loving yourself is the beginning of discovering the power of love because you begin to accept yourself flaws and all. I spent three years understanding why I kept attracting the same type of guys over and over. The underlying problem was simple I did not love myself at all. I compromised my values, standards, beliefs and ideas to accommodate men who had no intentions of loving me for life. I called my journey, my authentic journey due to the fact I was becoming the person I was always destined to be. The real me was submerging from the cocoon of fear I lived in for years. It was time for me to embrace the woman I was supposed to become all along.
 As I began to love myself I gave myself permission to be free.  I was free to unleash the unadulterated me without anyone’s approval. I dismissed myself from the need to please everyone and understood the need to restitute my love.  Instead of giving my love away to men that did not deserve my love I started to repay myself back with love. And in return of restituting my love to myself I attracted love. No longer am I chasing after love instead love found me and I embraced it wholeheartedly. I can truly say I am in love with the man in my life because he pursued me. The thing that took him by surprise was my contentment in being happily single. He told me I did not look thirsty which meant I did not look desperate for love.
We all deserve love and companionship do not deny yourself what you deserve. However, you first have to learn to love the most important person in your world which is You! Take the needed time to restitute yourself with love; take a year off or more to spend time loving you. I promise, you are worth the investment and your greatest return will be attracting someone who loves you with the same passion.

Find time to restitute yourself with love!
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A Writer’s New Year Goals

As 2015 is rampantly coming it is our goal to get all writing deadlines finish before the new year. Writers constantly struggle with the right words, eye catching phrases and hooks to draw readers into their world.  I am serious about my writing career becoming something fulltime beyond an expensive hobby. In order to make my writing a fulltime career I have to become serious about changing my writing habits. Gone are the days where I just write to write now I write to breathe, eat and live.

Writing is a passion that I cannot turn off. I want people to be inspired, renewed and feel a sense of comfort when they read my art. Writing is written art because we paint pictures with our words. Below, I have listed a few goals for the new year in my writing career. If you are a writer I encourage you to write down your goals and become intentional to follow through on making your writing career a dream come true. 

New Year Goals…..

1) Take a writing course. I plan to take a travel writing course to merge the two things I love travel & writing.

2) Go to a conference. I have been searching high and low for a conference I can attend either for blogging or self publishing. This year I plan to attend a conference in theses genres near my area.

3) Complete my book I am way behind on completing some chapters for my new book project. I have to play catch up in January.

4) Be a guest blogger. I have been a consistent contributor on Mind Of A Diva blog, in 2015 I want to expand my writing voice to connect with other bloggers as well.

5) International Blogger. It is my intention to create a international writing brand by connecting my writing more to international bloggers.

6) Republish my book. In 2012, I wrote my first inspiring book “The Inspirational Corner” but it did not go anywhere so in my attempt to repolish it I will be republishing my book to add up to date things to it.

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